Behind The Brand

Mind Flight Apparel is a mens and womenswear line committed to creating authentic, luxury, Miami based apparel. We are a fashion brand that finds inspiration in Miami’s beautiful diversity by mixing highend street fashion with the spirit of the city.

Developed and curated to represent Miami from the opulent beaches to the inner city streets. The Brand holds true to the making something out of nothing ethos. Refining the process of making high-end garments starting with the finest domestic and imported fabrics from the USA, Italy, and Japan. Fabrics that we develop with factories that allow us to put a luxurious spin our apparel pieces. Our collections consists of t-shirts, hats, button shirts, knitwear, polos, selvedge denim, outerwear, and accessories. Every piece of clothing released under the Mind Flight Apparel label is designed, constructed, and scrutinized to ensure an authentic luxury product that can be enjoyed for years to come. Items are produced in very limited quantities. Defining luxury from a Miami point of view.